1. Why is a pharmacist important to my overall health? What does a pharmacist do?

Your health and wellness are our number priority here at Ethel’s Pharmacy. As experts in the field of medicine, our pharmacists are dedicated to ensuring proper medication management. We play a vital role in your health journey by counseling and advising you as well as other health professionals on possible drug side effort and other drug interactions. We educate you, review your medical history, discuss treatment plans, and determine how to properly manage your conditions and other illnesses.

2. Will this medication interact with other medications I am currently taking?

Safety is our highest priority at Ethel’s Pharmacy. That is why our pharmacists take the time out to consult with you, review your health history, and conduct a health assessment to make sure that the medications you are currently taking will not interact with any other medications that may be prescribed to you. Here, you are not only in good hands, but we value your safety and your concerns. We know how critical it is to prevent drug interactions, that is why we highly recommend using the same doctor and pharmacist and encourage open dialogue at our pharmacy.

3. How do I transfer my prescriptions from another pharmacy?

We are delighted you have chosen to make Ethel’s Pharmacy, your local and independent pharmacy. Please call or visit us and provide us with the names of all of your medications you would like to transfer, along with the Rx numbers, dosage, and your current pharmacy’s contact information. We will then contact your current pharmacy and begin the transfer process which will take anywhere from 1-3 business days to be completed.

4. How early in advance should I order refills?

When you need a prescription refill, it is recommended that you order your refill at least 2-3 business days before you are out of your medication.

5. When will I receive my medication? How long does it take to be delivered?

At Ethel’ Pharmacy, we know how important it is for you to receive your medication, that’s why our team is devoted to delivering your medication as fast and quickly as possible. You can generally expect your delivery within 3-4 business days.

6. What does take with food or take on an empty stomach really mean?

It is recommended that you take the medication with a meal to increase the amount of medicine absorbed in your body and to avoid any possible stomach irritation. It is recommended that you take some medications on an empty stomach, meaning medications should be taken either 1 or 2 hours before or after eating to avoid any food that may prevent the medication from fully absorbing.

7. What exactly is an independent pharmacy? How are independent pharmacies different from chain pharmacies?

Independent vs. Chain Pharmacies

As experts in the field of medicine, independent pharmacists are responsible for the safe distribution of medication to patients. Independent pharmacists also counsel and advise patients as well as other health professionals on possible drug side effects and other drug interactions. Often, they provide other medical related services to patients such as health screenings and consultations to educate the patient, review a patient’s medical history, discuss treatment plans, and determine how to properly manage their conditions and other illnesses.
Independent pharmacies are more patient-centered, which means better customer service. Independent pharmacies have more of a family setting where patients really get to know their pharmacist. There is more patient and pharmacist one on one interaction, especially during health consultations which allows patients to establish trust and build relationships with their pharmacist.

The Cost, prescriptions at an independent pharmacy are usually priced at a more discounted rate than chain pharmacies.

Reduced wait time, research shows that independent pharmacies have much shorter wait times and faster service than chain pharmacies. Chain pharmacies are known for attracting larger crowds which in turn means longer lines and longer wait time.

Personalized services, Independent pharmacies offer more personalized services such as free home deliveries, prescription compounding, custom prescription orders, and preventive care services like medication management, health screenings, prescription consultations, and immunizations.

8. Can a family member or friend pick up my prescriptions for me if I’m unable to?

Yes, your family member or friend can pick up your prescription order. However, let them know in advance that they will be required to sign for your prescription medications and pay for any balance that may be due. Additionally, they may be required to present a valid Driver’s License or any other form of ID. If this is to occur, we kindly ask that you please notify us ahead of time that someone will be picking up your order to avoid any confusion.

9. What should I do if I miss a dose of my medication?

In the event that you miss a dose of your medication, for safety reasons always give us a call and speak to your pharmacist to find out what to do when you’ve missed a dose of your medication.

10. What if I live far from the pharmacy, will this be a problem?

Certainly not, for anyone who lives in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, we will still process your prescription medications and ensure that it is delivered to you in a timely fashion.