Welcome to Ethel's Pharmacy

Ethel’s Pharmacy is your local and independent pharmacy committed to offering the highest quality of care and pharmacy services for healthcare patients, in a family-oriented environment. Through our family focused approach, Ethel’s Pharmacy provides healthcare patients with an atmosphere that builds trust, personal relationships, and encourages open dialogue between pharmacists and their patients. As an independent pharmacy, we offer the same products and services that a healthcare patient may find in a larger drugstore chain; however, at much more discounted prices, with our own personal touch. We are Ethel’s Pharmacy, Where Your Family is Our Family.

We Look Forward To Serving You

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E-Script and Faxing of Prescriptions

Accessing your prescriptions is faster and easier with e-script. For your convenience, we offer both faxing of your prescriptions and e-script.

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Non-Sterile Compounding

Customizing medications to meet your specific needs.

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Free Prescription Delivery

Delivering your medications right to your door, for your convenience.

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We offer a plethora of other convenient services to meet your every need, take a look.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission, here, at Ethel’s Pharmacy is to provide you and your loved one’s proper pharmacy needs in a family-oriented environment. We pride ourselves on our commitment to you and your loved one’s health and well-being.